How We Work

First Meeting

Introductions are made, and we hear about your situation in regard to Aged Care. The meeting is FREE, carries no obligations, and would usually take less than an hour.

At this meeting services relevant to you are outlined, as well as a firm estimate of any fees involved for future work - no further work is done until we have your go ahead.

Confirmation of Data

Either at the First Meeting or subsequently, we confirm relevant income and expenses data, assets and liabilities.

It would also be beneficial at this time to provide any details from either an Aged Care facility or Home Care service.

Presentation of Advice

After detailed analysis of your situation and assessment of alternative strategies, we meet to present our written recommendations in a Statement of Advice.

Here we ensure you have a full understanding of the advice, and nothing is acted upon until we have your approval.


Upon gaining your approval we implement the recommendations, removing much of the paperwork and administrative burden from you. We also prepare any necessary Centrelink or DVA documentation, submit on your behalf, and address any queries that may arise.

Ongoing Support

We are on hand on an ongoing basis to provide valuable support and assistance where necessary, particularly with regard to any Centrelink or DVA issues.

What We Do
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