• Clear and concise financial advice that delivers peace of mind,
    and the best possible financial outcome
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    Contact us to discuss your situation:
    1300 827 229
  • Hello, I'm Andrew Hopkins,
    the Principal of WA Aged Care Financial Solutions
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  • We Deliver

  • Support and understanding from experts with significant experience
    in Aged Care financial matters

  • Peace of mind through a specialised financial plan
    for Aged Care complete with recommendations
    for the best possible financial solution

  • Advice on secure investments and estate planning needs
    such as Wills and Powers of Attorney & Guardianship

  • Implementation of your financial plan

  • Ongoing assistance dealing with Government and other institutions

  • Years of industry specific knowledge & experience
    and absolute pride in an ethic of genuine care
    for our valued clients

  • What We Do
  • Aged & Community Services Partnership

  • Industry Partner 2021/2022

  • Industry Partner 2020/2021

  • Business Partner 2019/2020

  • Industry Partner 2018/2019

  • Silver Sponsor 2017/2018

  • Corporate Partner 2016/2017

  • Associate Partner 2015/2016

  • Associate Partner 2014/2015

  • Associate Partner 2013/2014

  • Associate Partner 2012/2013

  • Associate Partner 2011/2012

  • Who We Are

Our Services

Providing you with specialised financial planning for Aged Care, with advice for the best possible financial solution delivering peace of mind

We Listen

We Understand

We Plan


Delivering peace of mind for you and your family!